GRAND RE-OPENING of Eagle View Park -  July 24th from 5-7pm.  We will have refreshments and want to celebrate the upgrades and new equipment.  We welcome your suggestions for future projects.  Come out and meet your neighbors.  Try out the adult exercise equipment while kids play on their equipment.


Benches and tables around The Lakes have been replaced.  The adult exercise equipment area at Eagle View Park is prepared and equipment will be installed on 7/11.



9th ANNUAL Lakes Garage Sale
The garage sale is ON.  Many have asked and we now have a volunteer to oversee the details.  The event is scheduled for August 22-24. Please let your HOA know that you want to participate.  We have sent a flyer out to be posted at mailbox. Kathi Jones is the contact for more information.  
Kathi's email is 

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Below is the link to a brochure on living behind a levee.  We are more likely to flood than have a fire yet we question to value of flood insurance.

Click: So You Live Behind a Levee Brochure






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